Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Do I need to move everything off the vinyl before you strip & seal it?

Yes.  You will be required to move everything off the floor.  We can work around fixed furniture or anything you do not wish to move, however if you do decide to move these things down the track there may be a noticeable difference in the floor finish.While we can assist to move smaller items, we cannot move larger things as our insurance doesn’t cover this.

How long do I need to wait before I can walk on the floor and move my furniture back?

This varies depending on the drying time on the day.  We usually recommend that you don’t walk on the vinyl for at least a few hours or until dry.  It is best to wait 24 hours before moving furniture and heavy items back onto vinyl.


My floor has become very dull, however appears to be clean.  What can I do to restore the glossy appearance?

We can polish most vinyl flooring with the polisher/ burnishing machine and apply a new coat of sealer.  In most instances this will restore the floor to its previously shiny appearance.


My timber look vinyl has a matt finish, however I would like it to be glossy.  Am I able to do this?

It is best to check with the manufacturer recommendations for your floor as to what finish is suitable for the floor.  While we can apply a gloss finish to a matt floor by stripping and resealing, you should check that this doesn’t interfere with any manufacturer warranty or advice.


Why does my commercial floor need to be polished on a regular basis?

Regular polishing of high traffic vinyl floors is recommended in order to maintain a clean & attractive appearance.  A regular polish of the floor will take the finest layer of surface sealer off the vinyl, thereby removing dirt and scratch build up and the high speed buffing hardens the vinyl surface.  Regular polishing will prolong the time between the floor requiring stripping and sealing and keep it looking good.


I mop my floor regularly but still keep getting a buildup of dirt in the vinyl.  How can I stop this?

Ensure that the mop & water you are using are clean.  Mopping your floor with a dirty mop can create more build up of dirt in the vinyl than if you didn’t mop at all.  If your floor is in a high traffic area, it may need a more extensive maintenance regime, including regular scrubbing and polishing.


I need to have my shop floor stripped and resealed, however we operate 7 days a week.  Are you available after hours?

Yes.  We can be flexible to suit your business and personal needs.


How much do you charge to strip and reseal a floor?

Pricing will depend on the size and state of the floor.  We do not charge by the hour so you can be assured that we will spend as much time as is required to complete the job and have your floor restored to the best possible finish.   Please call or email us to arrange a free quote.